De Soza Park Historic Circuit Walk

De Soza Park Circuit Walk
De Soza Park Circuit Walk

Walk Distance: 1.8 km
Difficulty Level: Easy
Estimated Time: 30-40 min

MGA94 Co-Ords of Start/Finish:
E 754450 N 5829200

1. Crown Mine Shaft & Pump
2. Old Cemetery
3. Tannery Site
4. Site of Tannery Dam
5. “Glencairn”
6. “Clifton Villa”
7. Junction of Union Jack & Glencoe Creeks
8. Middleton’s Store Site
9. Whykes’ Grocery
10. Old Library

Old Buninyong Library
Old Buninyong Library
Whykes Grocery
Whykes Grocery (replaced by Community Bank)
Middleton's Store
Middleton's Store
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