Buninyong to Pax Hill

Start at De Soza Park, walk down Forest St to Lal Lal St T-Junction. Turn left, walk on to the unmade section of the Lal Lal St easement, cross Glencoe Creek & Barkly St and  follow the bush track to Gitting’s Lane. Turn left and enter the Union Jack Reserve. Follow the Long Walk, cross a small creek then take following East Terrace, the 1st track to the left, follow that up to Henderson’s Lane. Cross the lane and follow the path through the trees to Fisken Rd.

You should be able to see the sign post to Chapman’s Lane. Follow the Lane to Gear Ave, turn left. At the NW corner of Bell Avenue yo should see the start of the University walking track. Follow that parallel to Bell Ave to a sealed Rd, turn Right back to Bell Ave.

Follow Bell Ave then Boundary Rd. turn into Davidsons Rd and follow it to Clayton St. Follow Clayton St through to where it meets Bennett St, then turn right then left into Fussell St. Pax Hill Scout Camp is at the SE Corner of Spencer & Fussell St. There is accommodation available at Pax Hill.


Walk Distance: 11 km

Difficulty Level: Medium

Estimated Time: 3 to 4 hrs

MGA94 Co-Ords of Start at De Soza Park, Buninyong: E 754460   N 5829200


1. De Soza Park

2. Union Jack Reserve

3. Federation University

4. State Newspaper Depositary

5. Pax Hill Scout Camp

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