The  walk to Federation Uni is  not a circuit  walk though you can easily walk there and back. The   walk  becomes  a  circuit  by  parking  in  Buninyong and  using  the  local  bus  service to  complete  the  first  leg of the   walk. 

It  is often  difficult  to  find a  parking  spot  near  De Soza Park.  The  closest  alternative to  avoid the  2 hr  parking  limit is  in  Learmonth St on the  side  Rd adjacent to  the  Crown  Hotel, marked  P on the  map,  about  100 m  from  the     Bus  Stop at De Soza Park. Toilets  are  available  in  De Soza  Park. 

 A  Myki  Card is  required  for bus travel. Check,  Route  21: Ballarat -Buninyong via Federation University  as services    during the weekend,  especially on  Sunday,  are  few. To  start  the  Circuit,  catch  the  Bus  from Buninyong to Greenhill  Rd. The  bus  passes  through the University before arriving at the Greenhill  Rd bus stop, the start of the  walk.

Cross  Geelong Rd at the  designated  Road  crossing just  South of the  Bus  Stop  as traffic along this  section is quite heavy.  Then  follow  the  footpath along  Greenhill  Rd  and  Vincent  Drive. At the  Great Dividing  Trail marker post in  Vincent  Drive,  turn   east into the  Federation University  Circuit  Walk. Follow  the  marked  walk through  the University  Arboretum to  Bell  Ave and  turn  West  into  the  path  along  Gear  Ave.

Continue  to  the end  of  Gear  Ave  crossing  Geelong  Rd to  link  up  with the  Goldfield’s Track,  then   turn  South  and  follow the  Track  back  to Buninyong.

For a separate Federation University Circuit Walk access the Great Dividing Tail Association website and scroll down to download  the Walk map.

Walk Distance: 7.7 km
Difficulty Level: Medium
Estimated Time: 2 to 2.5 hours

MGA94 Co-Ordinates
Start: E 754140 N 5831550

1. De Soza Park
2. “Glencairn” 1850s
3. Site of Robert Burns Hotel
4. Site of Mt Helen Rail Siding
5. Greenhill Rd Bus Stop
6. Start of University Circuit
7. Arboretum

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