Union Jack Reserve map

Union Jack Long Circuit Walk

The Union Jack Education Area is located on the gravel section at the end of Elizabeth St., East of Warrenheip St, Buninyong. There is parking for about six cars at the entrance. There is no water source within the area. The Education Area is one of the best and most accessible walks within Ballarat City and is used by the Federation University to educate some of its students

The area was named after a party of miners from Scotland, Ireland & England, which discovered what, became known as the Union Jack Nugget kg in 1857. Because of the large number of mine shafts throughout the area visitors are advised to keep to the established tracks.

From the Elizabeth St entrance, take the Long Loop Walk, marked by a series of posts each of which provides relevant information on the walk. The Long Loop walk meanders through a number of gullies and ridges with a bridge across Murdoch’s Gully. A short distance across this Gully is a loop to the Locomotive Mine [4]on Wirreanda Drive off Yankee Flat Rd. There is a seat and picnic table at this point. The mine was last worked in the 1933 when two miners, Arthur Dunstan and Albert Berger both died from ‘bad air’ at the bottom of the shaft.

Union Jack is home to a variety of birds, mammals, trees and wildflowers. Detailed information on the range of species can be obtained from …

Union Jack Reserve

Walk Distance: 3.5 km
Difficulty Level: Medium
Estimated Time: 1.25 to 1.75 hours

MGA94 Co-Ordinates of Start/Finish:
E 755340 N 5829650

1. Nicholl’s Gully
2. Whitten’s Gully
3. Murdoch’s Gully
4. Locomotive Hill Mine and Rest Area
5. Native Grassland
6. Homestead Site

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